Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles

American fashion model, actress and singer Lindsay Lohan was born on July 2nd 1986 in New York City.
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Lindsay Lohan with long curls
  • Lindsay Lohan with brunette hair
  • Lindsay Lohan wearing a hat
  • Lindsay Lohan's long blonde hair
  • Lindsay Lohan with long red hair

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The Freaky Friday and Mean Girls star only has one thing to worry about when it comes to her hair. That is keeping it healthy and supple so that it survives Lindsay's fast lifestyle and many colorations. Today it is vanilla blonde; tomorrow it may be espresso time. Lindsay likes to change her type and her hair is usually the first step.
So far she stayed away from radical movements of the scissors and short haircuts but the color variations are quite radical. All look good, but the best color for her, one that really brings out her skin tone and makes her glow is warm amber that gets more definition with subtle chestnut and blonde streaks.
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