Lacey Brown's Pixie

Side view of Lacey Brown's short pixie hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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Lacey Brown attended the American Idol Top 12 Party on March 11, 2010 and she wore her short hair in spicy red peppered tones.
Her outstanding pixie hairstyle was given choppy gaps and slithered ends that brought the sections up and out giving her an unforgettable fashion statement. Her top was blown over to one side and the bangs laying glassily upon her forehead.
Her sides were cut around her ears with heavy sideburns upon her cheeks. The back was laden with fringe that spiked out from her nape, while some hair was combed smooth.
Lacey's skin tone appears to be between a medium to olive tone and she leans more towards her olive tones. She has clean eyebrows made a little darker, there is a smoky taupe shadow, heavy eyeliner that is encircled around her eyes, mascara, bronzing and blush and a shimmering light coral lip color.
Lacey brown wearing her hair in a modern pixie
Photo by PR Photos
Hair and clothes for a Lacey Brown look
Photo by PR Photos
Lacey Brown's short around the ears haircut
Photo by PR Photos
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