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Laeticia Halliday & Eva Longoria

Laeticia Halliday - 02/20/2009
Laeticia Halliday - Youthful bob haircut that touches the neck
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Laeticia Halliday's hair is cuffed along the back presenting a youthful bob that comes around the front and touches her neck with a slippery smooth line. The high side wind takes the heavier hair over to frame the side of the face, while the other side sits back just a little bit; revealing her earring. Your large round brush will come in handy when you blow dry this hairstyle with styling lotion. Gloss when you are finished. Tip: many are using transparent glossy demi (semi) tints today to achieve a high sheen to their hair, in this way they are not bothered by continual spritzing of gloss.
Laeticia's beautiful green/hazel eyes are the first thing we notice because they are so captivating. One of the reasons is because she has decided to keep the thickness of her brows and this keeps her eyes looking rich and soft. There is a hint of light whitish blue shadow, lashes, mascara, eyeliner, bronzing and a pastel light coral lip tint. Tip: when you really want your eyes to stand out, the right make up will always be an asset with the proper blending like Laeticia's. However, as gorgeous as her eyes are, they could be created to be much more attractive with the proper hair coloring. Laeticia's beauty can allow her to get away with wearing the platinum hair color. However, if her hair was a darker brown or a medium coppery red, the colors would bring out the coloring of green in her eyes to such a high degree, few would be unable to stop staring at such splendor.
Eva Longoria - 02/20/2009

Eva Longoria with shorter hair moving away from her face Eva Longoria is wearing much shorter hair these days. Could it be a fashion trend beginning in Hollywood? Her layers of hair are ablaze, with multiple colors of caramel, cinnamon, browns and gold and have been rounded with a curling iron to move away from her face. Her hair color is the type of shade of someone who has naturally dark hair and has been spending a lot of time on the beach, only in Eva's case; we know she hasn't the time to frolic on the beach when we think of the busyness of her career.
Ever the smiling flashing eyes, Eva promotes them by a well blended foundation, blends of dark and light shadow, eyeliner, lashes, mascara (after all, no self respecting girl would even think of going out without her mascara), darkened brows, blush and a fleshy toned lip tint.