Kristen Dalton Hairstyles

Kristen Dalton is an American actress, born on February 14, 1966.
  • Kristen Dalton
  • Red curls and ahair bow

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Kristen heats up any screen, big or small, with her smoldering red hair. She wears her thick tresses long and luscious, extending about a hand-width below the shoulder line. This length allows for a variety of styling options while remaining manageable and light, ensuring the volume is bouncy and full.
Gentle layering also enhances the sexy opulence, keeping it fluffy and curvy. When she adds curls, the effect is nothing short of dramatic. A light natural wave helps maintain the curls longer, especially the pretty corkscrews. Kristen's mane is truly impressive; her fiery hair color, a deep coppery red, seems to glow from the inside out, radiating a golden shine.
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