Kate Winslet Hairstyles

British actress and singer Kate Winslet was born on October 5th, 1975.
  • Kate Winslet with her hair styled in a French twist
  • Kate Winslet sporting loopy waves
  • short ponytail

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Kate is being showered in nominations and awards for her amazing talent to slip into complex characters and make them her own. With her fashion sense Kate remains on the safe level of female classics that never go out of style and do not require any complicated styling or maintenance.
Her base haircut is long, at a slightly varying length over her shoulders. She often parts it on the side and is blessed with a light natural wave that can be enhanced with some simple techniques to form a glam mane.
Her very elegant self comes out when she wears a simple but drop dead gorgeous little black dress and a sophisticated updo, as they were made famous by Catherine Deneuve.
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