Kristen Wiig's Long Wavy Bob

Kristen Wiig wearing her hair in a long wavy bob
Photo by PR Photos
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Ombré hair goddess, Kristen Wiig paraded a darker shade of color for the World Premiere of Ghostbusters on July 9th, 2016.
Not only has the popular comedy actress come over to the dark side (in regards to hair color, of course) she has done so with an ombré emphasis, which is a fantastic idea for ladies who are changing their hair color by more than two shades, like Kristen has done.
The ombré hair color trend, like Kristen’s, really works best with a wavy hairstyle. She opted to part her long wavy bob (wob) using a deep side part, which flows well with her hair tucked behind her ear. This hairstyle strategy creates a polished style, even with the untamed look of the beachy waves she is rocking.
To create the height of the wave in her bangs area, section it out and apply hair spray to the root area while blow drying it into place. Next, wrap hair strands around the curling wand, let them cool off before applying a holding spray. You’ll soon be rocking the perfect balance of an unruly, yet perfectly implemented hairstyle in no time.
Kristen Wiig hairstyles - Wavy bob
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Kristen Wiig hairstyles - Long bob with wavy styling or wob
Photo by PR Photos
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