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Kate Jackson - Shoulder length hair for older women
Photo: S. Bukley/Depositphotos
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Here are photos of Kate Jackson, honored by American Heart Association's Third Annual Women's Luncheon in Beverly Hills on the 15th of May, 2003.
You would never guess it, but Kate is almost 55 years old on these photos. Although it might seem as if she's discovered some sort of youth-elixir, her secret really lies at using the right hair color, outfit and simple, but high-end make-up.
Older women, especially in the 50+ region, should always strive for simplicity and class, instead of trying to fit in with the teenagers. If you have a look at all the elegant ladies who look years younger than their actual age, you'll realize that they stick to soft colors, warm hair-tones, sophisticated yet easily manageable hair lengths and subtle make-up.
50+ Kate Jackson's hairstyle
Photo: S. Bukley/Depositphotos
Kate Jackson's hair has a medium-brown base color, added with copper and light-brown highlights. Her hair is shoulder length, which is easily manageable and effortlessly dressed up or down, and she wears a simple black turtleneck which is slimming and classy.
Apply blow-dry lotion and a heat protection product to washed, wet hair. Blow-dry while combing your fingers through the hair until it is 80% dry. Then divide the hair into six sections, secured with clips. Blow-dry the hair with a large-barrel blow-dry brush, blowing the hair at an angle so it has volume.
Work from the back sections to the front, and flick out the tips of the bottom sections by wrapping the hair below the occipital bone around the brush in an anti-clockwise direction while blow-drying it, creating the bottom flicks. When you're finished, spray the hair with a medium hold shine-hairspray.
Kate Jackson wearing a slimming black turtleneck
Photo: S. Bukley/Depositphotos
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