Kate Bosworth's Up-Style

Kate Bosworth - Updo with loosely piled curls
Photo by PR Photos
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Blue eye shadow is a tricky thing. It often comes on too strong and ruins a perfectly beautiful face. Kate Bosworth had just the right amount around her eyes and held back on the other make-up colors.
The occasion for her lovely and lithe look was the AFI Film Festival Premiere of "Beyond the Sea" (November 4th, 2004) and she chose a very romantic style for her hair. After her long blonde hair was set over large curlers it was loosely piled together in the back and fastened in a rough bun. Several strands retained their freedom and flowed around her head.
Tip: Use a curling iron to enhance the curve in individual strands and flexible hold hairspray.
Kate Bosworth wearing her hair in a romantic up-style
Photo by PR Photos
Kate Bosworth's updo with a rough bun
Photo by PR Photos
Up-style with loosely styled hair - Kate Bosworth
Photo by PR Photos
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