Jennifer Stone Hairstyles

Jennifer Stone is an American actress, born February 12th, 1993. She is known for playing Harper Frinkle on the series Wizards of Waverly Place.
  • Jennifer Stone
  • Jennifer Stone's sixties hairband look

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Jennifer first touched the stage at the tender age of 6 years and has a promising career ahead of her. As every teenage girl she followed lots of different trends and her stylists must have a lot of fun with her thick brown hair. She wears her hair to about shoulder blade length and with its natural wave it has a lot of fullness and a nice structure. Layers and texture help to increase this.
Her hairstyles are stylish and always trendy and neat. Jennifer has a pretty round face and uses the length, just a little volume on the side and sometimes a little lift on the crown to balance the proportions. Her long fringe, usually styled to the side can also be pulled back across the top of her head with a little teased volume and turn her mane into a chic evening look.
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