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Joely Richardson's Straight Long Hair

Here's a photo of Joely Richardson at the Anonymous Berlin Premiere in Germany on the 30th of October 2011. Joely's hair is styled very naturally, showcasing her natural beauty and light effortlessly. Joely is 46 years old, yet she looks better than most twenty-somethings. Is it just good genes, or are clever styling, immaculate make-up and a healthy lifestyle her trump cards? You be the judge of that. But never let it be said again that you can't have long hair after you've sailed past the big 40.
To achieve this ageless look is really easy, so pay attention. Apply blow-dry lotion and a heat protection to wet hair. Blow-dry your hair dry, taking care to keep the blow-dryer above your head at all times. This ensures that you're blowing the hair-cuticles in a down-wards direction, which warrants that beautiful healthy shine when your hair is dry. Afterwards, run the straightening iron through the hair, working through big sections at a time. Take care not to iron the hair perfectly straight, as this will spoil the natural look.
Then throw your hair back and forth three times, and spritz some shine-spray on your hair, preferably something with a silicone base that will protect the hair against humidity and other elements.
Joely's hair has a light blonde base, worked through with fine platinum highlights, creating perfect equilibrium, offsetting the depth of color and dimension with effortless grace. Her hair is naturally fine and straight, while her natural hair-color is a light blonde. This works beautifully with her light complexion and eyes, lending an almost fragile and ethereal picture of ageless beauty.
Joely Richardson - Ageless look with naturally styled long hair Long hair for women aged over 40 - Joely Richardson
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