Multi Colored Blonde Hair

Joely Fisher's multi colored blonde hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Joely Fisher sparkled at the One Year Anniversary Party for Belle Gray Boutique in Sherman Oaks, California on May 5, 2004.
When the sun hits Joely's hair the multi colored blonde, caramel and warm brown tones are one of the most attractive in sunny California. Cropped in layers and with a scratchy centered part, the pieces of her hair are formed on both sides of her eyebrows and lies upon her temples.
Joely looks like she may have a spiral permanent in her hair. A spiral perm is the wisest and easiest way to go if you like the look of coiled curls in your hair. A good leave in conditioner and a light curling gel will help keep your curl in its highest caliber.
There are special spiral rods that wrap your hair into an oblong structure that will snap your hair into the coil formation that is desired. In the meantime, while you are deciding if you'd like a perm or not, try buying some long spiral curlers and experimenting with your hair to see if you'd like the coiled curls permanently.
Roll your long hair on the top going back, then take the front bangs and bring them down along the sides as pictured with Joely. After your hair has been set with the loopy rollers and is ready to be taken down, allow your hair to lie where it falls. A little bit of olive oil spritzer will bring out the shine.
Joely has a lovely natural makeup with a matt type of foundation, arched eyebrows, light shadow on her eyelids, eyeliner, light lashes and mascara. She is wearing an earthy neutral lip tone. Her chained necklace is a fine accessory for the orange and blue colors she is wearing.
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