Neck Length Semi Bob

Joan Lunden with her hair in a neck length style
Photo by PR Photos
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Forever youthful Joan Lunden attended the 7th Annual Joe Terre Safe at Home Foundation Gala in New York City on November 13, 2009.
Her beige blonde hair was worn in a neck length semi bob straightened to form into a smooth round bob. Joan has several blonde tones in her hair to achieve the attractive warm shade she is wearing.
Her haircut gives the appearance of being long and heavy and with the styling gel and smoothing crème we can see the different sections of her hair creating the round form that is desired.
For some, this would be high maintenance and for others low. This would depend upon whether you would want to take the time to blow your hair with a large blow dryer and then use a flat iron or a large round iron to straighten or smooth down the cuticles. There appears to be a heavy amount of styling product on Joan's hair to build up the bulkiness. Heavy gels and lotions are used for thin textured hair.
Joan's hair has medium bangs and a long top that blends in with the rest of her layered hair. Her facial make up is blended with a warm medium tone, light eye shadow, eyeliner, lashes and mascara, blush/bronze and is set in with a transparent lip gloss. Joan would look better with some color on her lips such as a party pink or a muted coral.
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