Joan Lunden Hairstyles

Joan Lunden is an American TV personality, born on September 19th, 1950.
  • Joan Lunden's short hairdo
  • Joan Lunden

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She is best known for her anchor position with Good Morning America and has also written numerous books. Joan is one of those women who prove to the rest of us that aging is nothing to fear and that a woman who takes care of herself looks beautiful in every decade of her life. Her hairstyles have always been of the most flattering kind and in their basic construction; they have not changed too much.
Short and medium long haircuts that have a lot of fine layers and a rounded shape were and are styled with a lot of volume throughout. This is achieved through a lot of lift on the root, making the hair fall around the head in a light and billowy fashion. She used to turn the tips out and in and also modified the shape to a full bob. This classy look is not only very stylish but also ageless.
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