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Neck Length Shag Haircut

Jessica showed up at the premiere of "Valentine's Day" on February 8, 2010 in Los Angeles, California and can you believe she was wearing a shag haircut! She looked completely delightful and so young! Her hair color was a medium natural leather brown and had a slight curl that an attractive shag appeal can give.
The length covers her neck and goes over her ears. The top and crown was a little bit longer than an original shag and her bangs dipped over her eyebrows in wet looking spacey curls. If any hairstyle has a stamp with a name written on it, this one has to have Jessica's name all over it.
Her makeup is warm and given into bronze tones over her olive skin with smudged eyeliners, grey shadows, marked eyebrows, lashes and mascara, definite blush and a rose pink lip shade. Her dark outfit is remarkably different with thin spaghetti feathered straps and covering another black supportable measure that compliments her overall appearance.
Jessica Alba's neck length  hairstyle Jessica Alba with short hair Hair and outfit for a Jessica Alba look
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