Long Open Hairstyle

Jessica Biel's long open hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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We know that the MTV Movie Awards is a more casual event, but the usually gorgeous Jessica Biel appeared on June 5th, 2004, looking like she had spent a long day at the beach. Sporting an off-the-shoulder transparent poncho shirt and fringy hair, not even her famous smile could salvage the look.
A bit too much of a good thing was also the blue eyeshadow, especially with her green eyes. Blue is a color that needs to be used sparingly and in the right places to look good. But nothing can truly diminish the natural beauty of someone like Jessica.
The hair was well-cut with large layers towards the ends, and her natural waves came out nicely in this open style. Perhaps there was a bit too much smoothing and shine serum applied?
Side view of Jessica Biel's hair
Photo by PR Photos
Jessica Biel's long haircut with layers
Photo by PR Photos
Jessica Biel wearing and off the shoulder shirt
Photo by PR Photos
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