Jennifer Lopez's Updo

Jennifer Lopez - High updo with large curls
Photo by PR Photos
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For the premiere of her not so hit movie "Gigli" on June 27, 2003, superstar Jennifer Lopez posed for the cameras with a Barbarella-ish hairdo and a Vampirella dress. It was meant well as there are very trendy indications in both, but what happened to her bangs?
A few strands in the forehead could have rescued the construction of large curls on top of her head. There are some small fringes on the side and a small section of new growth fuzz above her temples.
The rest of the hair was all gathered in the middle, while exposing her roots, and just sat there as a big poof that added years instead of taking them.
Jennifer Lopez with her hair styled up high
Photo by PR Photos
Jennifer Lopez - Barbarella hairdo with curls
Photo by PR Photos
Close up photo of Jennifer Lopez hair and updo
Photo by PR Photos
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