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Classy High Ponytail

Channeling a fairy tale princess with her look, Jennifer Garner blinded the cameras with all her splendor at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on February 5th, 2005. A silver dress and lots of diamonds around her neck, in her ears and even in her hair guaranteed for a glamorous appearance.
As it is Jennifer's style, the hair was classy but simple. A high ponytail was decorated with a precious barrette. The bangs were sleeked close to her face across the forehead to appear as one with the rest of the lustrous hair.
For all it's sleekness this style requires a good dose of styling product for hold, smoothness and shine.
Jennifer Garner with her hair in a high ponytail Jennifer Garner's simple upstyle with a ponytail Jennifer Garner's sleek hair pulled back in a ponytail
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