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Jennie Garth's Stylish Long Hair

At the "End of Watch" Los Angeles Premiere on September 17th 2012, Jennie Garth wore long stylish hair that she conveniently tucked behind one ear. At age 40, she looks gorgeous and shiny with her lengthy blonde locks that caress the right side of her face in a swooped bang.
The left side shows a distinct and visible part that sections off the hair. A portion of that hair is smoothed against her temple; with the remainder behind the ear. The length of the hair is past the shoulders. There are no visible curls. The hair is straight, but the layers add versatility.
She wore a tight leather dress that fits above the knee and her distinctive black shoes cannot go unnoticed. Her Cleopatra-looking necklace shows complicated details as it compliments her dress. She wore a small hoop earring and no other jewelry. Her top and bottom eyelashes are laced with mascara and make her eyes pop.
Jennie Garth - Straight long hair with swooped bangs Jennie Garth with long past the shoulders hair Jennie Garth wearing a tight leather dress Jennie Garth - Fashionable black shoes
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