Jenna Elfman's Bob-Like Hairstyle

Jenna Elfman | Bob hairstyle that covers the neck
Photo: S. Bukley/Shutterstock
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Jenna Elfman walked the red carpet at The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and InStyle Miss Golden Globe 2013 Party on November 29, 2012. She wore her signature short haircut, but with longer hair shown in the back that covered her neckline.
A straight part was visibly shown on the left side of her head. Her hair was sharply cut in a bob-like hairstyle. On the right side of her head, the hair was secured behind her ear, and on the left side, it loosely fell over her ear - creating a bubbly and stylish appearance.
The haircut had no apparent styling but did well for her attire. Her playful leather skirt with two pockets was dark blue in color. Donning a casual light blue blouse and red pumps, Jenna made a statement of how fashionable she really is.
Jenna Elfman - Short hairdo with a longer neckline
Photo by PR Photos
Jenna Elfman wearing a fashionable blouse and leather skirt
Photo by PR Photos
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