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Versatile Curled Hairstyle

Jena Malone was seen at the Los Angeles Premiere of "TRON: Legacy" on December 11, 2010. Jena wears her dark auburn hair in the stylish layered cut that comes close to a curled bob. There are ringlets and spirals of curls stacked around her head.
Jena's short hairstyle is one of the most attractive and versatile coiffures available for today's women. You can wear this cut wavy, curly or straight. Either way will look good.
One of the first things we notice about Jena is her long oblong face that is gracefully made up with coppery smudged eyeliner around her eyes and dark eyeliner in the inner sections. Her eyebrows are kept natural and light, while she darkens her lashes with mascara. She is wearing a glossy coral pink lip tone that goes well with the color of her hair and yellow straps.
Jena Malone wearing an orange dress Jena Malone's curled bob look Jena Malone with short curled hair
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