Hairstyle for an Angular Face

Hayley Atwell - Hairstyle to soften an angular face

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Hayley Atwell wore her brunette hair in full bouncy layers filled with flips and waves whose ends nestled around her neck at the 64th Annual Venice Film Festival in September 2, 2010. Hayley has an angular face with attractive high cheek bones and hair set only in slight dips around her face.
When you wear your hair off of your face, the spurts of waves and curls soften the effect of any severity that would ordinarily be noticed. Hayley could possibly have a light body wave that helps with her texture and hold.
Her make-up is within the top 3 of looking natural with her eyebrows at a medium thin arch, thin eyeliner, slight blush, light mascara and a natural lip tone.
Hayley Atwell wearing her hair above shoulder length Hayley Atwell wearing a purple above the knees dress
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