Gemma Arterton's Updo and Earrings

Gemma Arterton - Hair in an updo to show off earrings
Photo by PR Photos
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Look at those stunning earrings Gemma Arterton is sporting at the 73rd Annual Venice International Film Festival in 2016. She has the perfect updo to show them off! Gemma’s updo for medium length hair says elegance - from the height in the crown, adding a touch of drama to the sophisticated curls of the updo. If you would like to steal an elegant and effortless updo, like Gemma’s… keep reading, Hairfinder friends!
Gemma appears to be in the process of growing her once side swept bangs, out. If you are trying to grow bangs out, parting them down the middle, like Gemma has, is a great way to help style them while they are growing.
To begin an updo with height in the crown (it’s easier to work with hair that has not been freshly shampooed) the simplest way to create volume without a bunch of backcombing is to grab the hair you want to pull back, tie it off with a rubber band and push it up to create height, then secure in place with four bobby pins. The remainder can be twisted into pincurl-like positions and secured with bobby pins. Be sure to use generous amounts of hairspray for a style that will stay!
Gemma Arterton - Updo with height in the crown
Photo by PR Photos
Gemma Arterton hairstyles
Photo by PR Photos
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