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Long Latina Hairstyle with Curls

Francia Raisa was at the Love Spill hosted by Zoe Myers. It was an outpouring of music and fashion to benefit the Oiled Wildlife Concert in Los Angeles on June 29th, 2010.
Francia Raisa - Long latina hairstyle with curls and looped earrings
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Francia wore her long deep brunette hair over on the top and coiled with long curls that fell in a series of disarray below her shoulders with looped earrings and a white scooped dress.
With Francia's hairstyle, there is the individual sectioning involved to roll with the coiling iron unless you roll with coil rollers, which would be easier and healthier for your hair as well as have more staying power. The coil rollers are long and narrow and simple to use once you get the hang of them.
For a more of a chic approach, I'd put Francia's hair up in the crown and allow some of her coils to hang in the back. An attractive accessory would be for her to wear a wide white shell necklace with matching earrings.
Francia's makeup is created with charcoal eyebrows tweezed into an arch, two shades of eye shadow, eyeliner, lashes and mascara. Due to Francia's olive and sallow skin tones, she uses a little bit of bronzing and there is a transparent lip tone to address her own color.
Latina hairstyle for long hair with curls - Francia Raisa
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