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Updo with Curled Tendrils

The not at all "Desperate Housewife", Felicity Huffman, lit up the red carpet with her bright smile and the butter yellow dress she wore for the Glaad Media Awards on April 30th, 2005.
Her long blonde hair was worked into an elaborate and very elegant updo. Still a touch casual in front with slightly curled tendrils caressing the sides of her face, the sophisticated technique is visible from the side.
The side and back hair were tucked into a banana roll and the top hair was puffed up and combed to the back where it was rolled and pinned into a large horizontal barrel curl. Great choice, Felicity!
Side view of Felicity Huffman's updo with a barrel curl Close-up photo od Felicity Huffman's hair Up-style with curled sides - Felicity Huffman Felicity Huffman wearing her hair up with a casual front Up-style with a banana roll - Felicity Huffman
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