Fatima Robinson Hairstyles

Fatima Robinson is an American choreographer and music video director.
  • Fatima Robinson

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Fatima has choreographed the major stars of our times, like The Blackeyed Peas, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Santana, Will Smith ... the list is endless. She has also worked in movies and television. With her busy schedule and physically taxing job it is amazing that she always looks so good. One of the secrets is a haircut that is easy to style and maintain.
Fatima has had a range of lengths and was very stunning with long curly hair and longer straight and textured tresses, but it is the short haircuts that suit her best. She has a slightly angular face and does well with a bit of softening texture around the face.
Extra volume on top does not look good on every woman, but Fatima looks fantastic with it. She is also often seen wearing hats or turban like head wraps which all bring more attention to her fine features.
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