Carefree Shag Hairstyle

Enya Brennan - Carefree and conservative shag hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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Enya at the Warner Music Groups Grammy After Party in 2007. She is wearing her dark brunette hair short in a conservative shag cut. This means that the top and crown is shorter than the back or the sides. This is a very easy carefree style to maintain depending upon the texture of your hair.
Some take the time to apply a good gel or styling lotion and would like a little bit more volume and use their blow dryer while moving the hair with their hands where they would like it.
Others, prefer a more smoother style and use a small to medium sized round brush moving back away from the face and still careful to cover the ears. The option is yours. A few wisps on your forehead and it's as simple as that. Spray.
Enya - Short and conservative haircut that covers the ears
Photo by PR Photos
Easy to maintain hairstyle - Enya
Photo by PR Photos
Enya wearing a black and white dress with long skirt
Photo by PR Photos
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