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Easy To Style Short Haircut

Emily O'Brien - Easy to style short hairstyle with side bangs
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A happy Emily O'Brien was seen at the 2010 Daytime Emmy Awards Nominees Reception on June 24th, 2010 and she wore her short hair cut in layers and styled about midway upon her neckline.
Her bangs were combed over to the side of her forehead dipping over one eyebrow, while the undersides of her hair were combed back and behind her ears. The top is backcombed to bring about the desired pouf to sweep around her top, crown and her upper sides.
There is a possibility that Emily could be wearing a hairpiece on the crown. Either way, backcombing is still involved. Her hairstyle is a great style for many reasons and one reason is because the length is so easy to style for yourself especially when you are in a hurry. A trouble-free blow dry with the use of small dabs of moisturizing crème or oil to coat the hair shaft will pop in your style.
Emily's makeup fits the bill for being the natural look of today. Her eyebrows fit her large brown eyes perfectly. She is wearing eyeliner, soft brown eye shadow, mascara and a light rosy pink lip tone. When we look just a little bit closer we can see a wee bit of a pinkish tan on the tip of her nose and close to her hairline on her forehead, or could it be another makeup trick from the pros?
Emily O'Brien's short midway upon the neckline haircut
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