Emily O'Brien Hairstyles

Emily O'Brien is an American actress, born May 28th, 1985. She plays the role of Jana Hawkes Fisher on The Young and the Restless.
  • Emily O'Brien wearing her hair long
  • Emily O'Brien with her hair cut short

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Emily gets her exotic looks from her Persian mother and is a true brunette beauty. Her hair has gone through a lot of trendy and exciting changes, some of which were more beneficial and flattering than others. Emily has very feminine and soft features. She looks amazing with hairstyles that have clear lines and a fringe.
She is also very attractive with long, wavy hair and a side part, but her true potential comes out with more edgy haircuts. She once used bright red streaks to dress up her long, sleek and fringed style. After cutting an impressive amount of length she sported a very short bob with flipped out ends or a more wavy version of it, which is almost too homely and average for this spirited and passionate actress.
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