Elsa Pataky's Young and Fresh Updo

Elsa Pataky wearing her hair in an updo with blunt cut bangs
Photo by PR Photos
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We think this slightly tousled updo worn by Elsa Pataky in 2009 is super fun! The Spanish-born actress glowed at this high-end event, with her hair twisted up into an unkempt bun.
Elsa's thick, long hair really helps give the bun a good shape. Blunt-cut bangs are kept out and slightly tousled. The rest of the hair is mussed up slightly to give the overall look a subtle windblown effect.
Giving the hair that messy texture keeps the look young and fresh instead of uptight and stuffy. It's the subtle details that can totally help keep a look sexy. The deep color has a slight reddish hue, giving the overall look a beautiful, warm glow.
Keeping all of her hair pulled up is a great choice for this high-collared dress. It shows off the interesting details of the outfit, and the hair doesn't overcrowd her cute, petite face.
Elsa Pataky hair
Photo by PR Photos
Side view of Elsa Pataky's updo
Photo by PR Photos
Upstyle with long bangs - Elsa Pataky
Photo by PR Photos
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