Hairstyle with Ends Flipping Up

Elizabeth Banks - Medium hairstyle with the ends flipping up in the back
Photo by PR Photos
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Elizabeth Banks is a gal of diversity, and we can see that her hair is cut in a medium-length hairstyle with layers and ends that flip up in the back. There is a long movement of her hair that smoothes over her face with plenty of poufy volume.
The easiest way to achieve this hairstyle for yourself is to roll your hair with large rollers, going over to the other side of the head. Keep the rollers rolled under in a horizontal fashion until you get to the bottom, then roll two rows upward for the flip you see in the photo. Brush vigorously when dry and let your hair lie where it desires.
This is a girl-next-door hairstyle that can be dressed up, as pictured, with the many necklaces worn by Elizabeth, or kept informal with a plaid shirt and jeans.
Another attractive way to wear this look is to bring the hair back to the nape of the neck and fasten it with a ribbon or ornament for a more subtle expression.
Side view of Elizabeth Banks medium haircut with flipping ends
Photo by PR Photos
Elizabeth Banks wearing a green skirt and a tank top
Photo by PR Photos
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