Emma Stone Hairstyles

  • Emma Stone with natural red hair
  • Emma Stone - Casual long hairstyle
  • Emma Stone's loose up-style
  • Emma Stone with long straight hair

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Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Emma Stone won her big break in the VH-1 talent/reality series, "In Search of the Partridge Family" as "Laurie Partridge". This garnered her a number of small TV roles and lead to her debut in film as "Jules" in "Superbad".
She quickly became a star and is currently among Hollywood's hottest leading ladies. Though she's famous for red hair, she is a natural blonde and her director in "Superbad" convinced her to become a redhead for the role.
Emma has an angular face with delicate features which make her a shoe-in for styles with low-volume in the upper sections and more bulk in the length. Strong curves and wave in the corner areas can help to soften the overall silhouette, and she looks best with style that fall below chin length. She can often be seen with haircolor ranging from pale blonde to rich, fiery red.
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