Hair Care Tips for Brunettes

Brunette with long straight hair
Brunette with long hair - Photo: Istockphoto
Do blondes really have more fun? The days of the blondes may be coming to an end. But who will possibly be able to take their place? Brunettes! Finally we "brunnies" will get a chance to get a second look as we walk down the street. No longer will we have to fight the stereotype as the "smart friend" to the "hot blonde". And all of this thanks to some of Hollywood's elite actresses.
Mandy Moore, Renee Zellweger, Christina Aguillera, and Reese Witherspoon are just a few of the mainstream actresses and singers to change their natural born hair color with the help of a box of hair color, or a high-priced colorist. So how do you know if you can pull off the "it" color of the season? Just look in the mirror.
OK here is the first step. Turn on the light in the bathroom or whatever room the mirror is in. Now, look in the mirror. Do you have hair? If so, you can go brown. It's true, even if you have very pale skin or very dark skin, there is a shade of brown that is right for you. Let's start with the pale, or melatonin challenged; think of opposites. The lighter your skin tone, the richer your brown shade should be. I know that doesn't sound like it should be that way, but think of the contrast.
If you have light skin and go for a light brown shade for your locks, it may make you appear to be washed out, even tired looking. Most of us are busy, and lacking the proper sleep as it is. We don't need counterproductive help from our new shade. Try a dark chocolate color, and while you are waiting for it to process, try eating some dark chocolate!
Now, if you are not as melatonin challenged as others, try a lighter shade; like a chestnut brown. Once again think of contrast. If you have olive colored skin, try adding some beautifully delicious honey tones in the form of highlights or tinted gloss on a base color not much darker than a medium brown. If you have dark skin, try adding lots and lots of gold and honey highlights all over.
There are new hair color products on the market made primarily for brunette hair, whether for the base color or for adding highlights. Also, there are special hair coloring kits with the base color and a highlighting step as well. These are all at-home products costing around $20.00 or less, and can produce a very nice result; though you may need to enlist the help of a friend, unless you're a contortionist, to reach some of those spots in the back for a more even result.
Different shades of brown hair
Various shades of brown hair - Images via Canva
In addition to hair color, there are also lines of hair care products made specifically for brunettes. Some are more expensive than others, but I believe they probably work equally well. So now your finely coiffed little head is wondering why in the world you need to go out and buy special shampoo just because your hair is a few shades, or more, darker. Well, the reason is as simple as this... SHINE!
Dark hair has a tendency to look duller and flatter in intensity than lighter colored hair. And that is where these special suds do their dirty work. They help to smooth each strand of hair, helping it to reflect more light therefore increasing shine. There are even shampoos that you can get from your colorist made specifically for you with a special color glaze mixed in. So if you want a bit of a red tinge to your new do without looking as though Kool-Aid was spilled on your head, try one with an auburn hue to it.
Now last but definitely not least, your make-up. Don't forget updating your face colors at the same time that you update your hair colors. You don't want to go around with beautiful new dark rich hair color and still be wearing the same blush and eye shadow from when you were a blonde. Try making things a little richer. Instead of that pale pink you've been wearing on your cheeks go with a berry liquid blush for pinched cheek look. Don't use too much though, you do not want to look like a prizefighter the day after the big event. Try making your eye make-up darker as well. And the big thing for lips this spring is berry colored lip stain.
Come on, go out on a limb and let the world know that brunette is the new blonde.
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