Daisy Lowe Hairstyles

Daisy Lowe messy updo
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Daisy Lowe is a British fashion model, born January 27th, 1989.
Daisy might just make brunette the new blonde. The ubiquitous Londoner does not just have a pretty face but also a captivating personality and style. A bit quirky, a touch underground and always very creative, her bohemian and casual elegance puts a spell not only on Carl Lagerfeld.
Besides her thick black eyeliner, her textured long bangs have become part of her signature look. Her hair reaches several inches below her shoulders and is heavily textured in the ends. She often wears it loose and free, but also has a lot of fun with casual updos and high ponytails.
Her look is somewhere between a young Patty Smith and Cleopatra with a strong dose of Brigitte Bardot, sans the blonde. Daisy has a face shape that goes along with all hair-experiments. When she plays with her color, she stays in within the realm of browns between almost black tones to warm chestnut colors.
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