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Cynthia Nixon's Pixie Haircut

Who doesn't love Cynthia Nixon? She pulls off being in her late 40s brilliantly. She knows how to pull a look together and has always looked great with short hair. Nixon is definitely an inspiration when it comes to short hairstyles. We will admit that we do miss her signature red strands she rocked on "Sex and the City" but this cool, beige blonde is the next best thing.
The hair color looks very soft and natural on her and flatters the actress' lighter eyes and skin tone. The blonde color is a dark enough shade that it keeps Cynthia from looking too light and washed out. A few lighter flecks of blonde placed around the face brighten up the look and add dimension. Gorgeous!
Pixie haircuts are all the rage and this particular version is super textured and extremely sexy. It's a fabulous short, low maintenance hairstyle for a 45+ woman. The length on the top lends itself perfectly for a deep side part. Wear the bangs over to the side or swoop them forward for a different look. Short haircuts have tons of versatility - it just depends on how you style your strands.
Cynthia Nixon's short hair look Low maintenance hairstyle for a 45 plus woman - Cynthia Nixon
Cynthia wears her hair deeply parted with her fringe curled up and back away from her face and then tucked behind her ear for a sleek style. We think she knocked it out of the park at the Do Something Awards in Hollywood this year (July 31st, 2013)).
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