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Christina Moore & Charlize Theron

Christina Moore - 08/23/2008

Side view of Christina Moore's long curly hairstyle Christina Moore's long hair plunges into curls down her back and below her shoulders. The layers are long and sectioned to come across to her temple and mesh with the rest of her hair. Light warm brown ribbons make the most of her blonde color and natural appearance. Generously apply gel before you blow dry and use a setting spray when you coil. There are inexpensive coiling irons you can purchase for this task. Hair spray will also help.
Small wispy strokes on her brows and a light smoky mauve type of shadow with a lower blue liner and a darker upper liner along with the mascara looks smashing on Christina. A natural pinkish tone for lip color and an even fair blush on her cheeks gives us the impression of a high school cheerleader!
Charlize Theron - 08/29/2008

Side and back view of Charlize Theron's lonog hairstyle Browns, gold and blonde strips of smooth heavy hair are combed over to the one side taking control over Charlize's one eye. The long smooth hair can come by using a flat iron all around the head. There are several sizes of flat irons you can choose from when you decide to buy. Some prefer the smaller widths, while others prefer the larger and heavier tools. Use a large curling iron on the one side that dips over the eye. The other side has been brushed behind the ear with the upper section styled over.
Charlize Theron has a natural baby pinkish lip tint and bronze on her cheekbones. Smoky shadow is on the upper lid and also smudged along under the lower lashes. Mascara and a small amount of eyeliner go well with her small gold earrings and beautiful gown. A sign of completeness is light make-up with pretty accessories.