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Loose Updo with Side Tendrils

Country and Western songster Carrie Underwood has that star quality about her; meaning when she walks into a room all eyes will be upon her. Sometimes it isn't necessarily how good you look but rather how you carry yourself and how much of that good attitude that is inside of you radiates onto the outside for others to see.
Carrie's popularity did not go unnoticed at the May 25, 2011 Fox's "American Idol" Final Results Show. Her hair was worn loosely back and secured lightly in the back of her head with a short side part that allowed for the heavy smooth bangs that captured part of her face and integrated with the side tendrils.
As long as we can remember Carrie has kept her natural medium ash blonde hair lighter and it suits her personality quite well. Whether she keeps her hair up or down, Carrie has always looked delightfully feminine for her fans.
Side view of Carrie Underwood's loose up-style Updo with smooth side bangs - Carrie Underwood Up-style with the hair worn loosely back
Tip: when you have blonde hair like Carrie"s it is best to search for that perfect moisturizing conditioner to replace the moisture that the coloring has taken from your hair. Although Carrie is quite young we are sure her hairstylist schedules necessary health treatments.
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