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Carrie Underwood & Miley Cyrus

Carrie Underwood - 04/06/2008

Carrie Underwood - Updo with a soft twist at the nape of the neck Carrie Underwood looks smashing with her long blonde hair smoothed back into a soft twist at the nape of her neck. The ends of the lightly layered cut are softly textured and the whole is styled for fullness and curves rather than curl before the final construction of the hairstyle as seen. This smooth styling is perfect for showing off the shimmer and shine of her blonde hair.
The eye-length fringe is textured for softness and to create a light veil to obscure Carrie's high forehead and draw focus to her smoky and dramatic eyes. Add a few slim tendrils curving down from the sides before the ears and the look is complete.
Miley Cyrus - 04/06/2008

iley Cyrus with super long curly hair The alter-ego of Disney's superstar, "Hannah Montana," not only has an incredible talent, but as a glorious head full of super-long, curly hair. Miley's look is the product of years of gentle care and careful cultivation to get her gorgeous locks.
The cut is a long, layered look whose layers are sparing and designed to frame the face and balance the level of bulk in the overall look. Careful blow-drying of the hair after shampoo and conditioning with a texturing product and perhaps the application of a loosely wound large barrel iron to emphasize and redirect the natural curl and you too can have Miley Cyrus' look.