Long Hair with Layers and Curls

Cameron Goodman wearing her hair long with layers and curls
Photo by PR Photos
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Cameron Goodman is full of vivacity and bubbling up with life! Her long hair is designed in various medium length layers, although her hair is quite long, the layers go up more than the usual long layers and because of this she has much more volume. Her hair color extends the warmth of golden hues over her medium brown tones with touches of red.
To have this curly wavy fun look, there are many options for you to choose from. The first is to get medium sized rollers and beginning in your crown roll all the hair towards the bottom and roll in a zigzag checkerboard fashion.
When you come to the sides, place them vertically winding the hair toward the back. Roll the bangs into the direction you want it to go, in this case, toward the side, about three or four rollers.
Cameron Goodman - Long curly hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
The second option is to use hot rollers and that always has its pros and cons. The positive aspect is using hot rollers can be quicker, the cons is the possibility of hair breakage, if you have overly porous hair and I have seen quite a bit of breakage from those who are consistent users of hot rollers.
The third option is using a curling iron in which the same case applies as above. After your style is ready to be brushed and combed out use some gloss for sheen, then pick through with your hands underneath for volume and on the top for direction. Bravo, you did it!
Cameron Goodman wearing a colorful silk summer dress
Photo by PR Photos
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