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Cara Buono Hairstyles

Cara Buono is an American actress, screenwriter and director, born in 1974. The actress from spooky child-vampire flick "Let me In" turned blonde for her role in "Mad Men" and this new hair color works very well for her.
Her original color is a very dark, almost black brown and before she had it cut to suit her 1950s role, she used to wear it long and with varying degrees of layers and texture.
  • Cara Buono
  • blonde Cara Buono
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Her hair is full and strong, so it can withstand the chemical attacks for hopefully a long time, since her new appearance in a very natural looking golden blonde tone looks rather stunning, especially with her big brown eyes.
She wears her hair, when it is not styled up or slightly curled, with a side part and casual sleek lines that pop a bit in the tips due to some velvety soft texture that was cut into it.
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