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Messy Hairstyle that Covers the Neck

BC Jean was seen at the 2011 Pre-GRAMMY Gala on February 12, 2011 and she wore her layered light blonde hair in a mass of messy layers in what appeared to be a shag hairstyle.
The sides and back covered her neck; the top was piled in a mass of singled strands while the bangs were styled over her forehead and dipping over one of her eyes. Plenty of gel and fixing lotion was used for this hairstyle.
BC Jean - Messy neck length hairstyle
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BC gives us a fun treat with heavily proportioned eyeliner and eye shadow that circles around her eyes. There is mascara and her eyebrows are just a little bit darker, still appearing quite natural.
Her blush and bronzing completes her coloring along the sides of her face and upon her cheeks and her lips carry a natural lip flesh tone. When we first look at BC we notice her dark eyes, her blonde hair and back to dark with her dark dress.
BC Jean - Medium length hair with messy styling BC Jean - Shag hairstyle that covers the neck BC Jean wearing a black collared dress
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