BC Jean Hairstyles

BC Jean BC Jean's shag haircut
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BC Jean is an American songwriter and singer, born in 1987.
This California Girl has an edge. A platinum one. Her hair is just as important for the expression of her creative personality as are her outfits.
From the color to the texture her haircuts spell glamour, rebellion and a vibrant free spirit. She wears it at different lengths but always with a lot of texture from fine to bold.
Layered through and through shag hairstyles are a good base to style wild with just a bit of products massaged into the tips, but the same cut can be altered with accessories like fun barrettes or hairbands.
We are not sure if the platinum blond is her natural color and it is not important. It looks good on her and works with her vibe. You will perhaps not see BC with a demure bob anytime soon. She is often seen with a diagonal long fringe that adds another stylish level to her look.
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