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Feminine Up Style with Curls

Bai Ling's hairstyle seen here On February 6th, 2006 at The Peapod in Los Angeles is a great example of a style that is hip, yet feminine. While her trademark blunt cut bangs help to frame the face, this look would work for women with or without a fringe.

To create this hairstyle, begin by using a small barreled-curling iron to make numerous curls throughout the hair. Next, pull your hair up into a high ponytail and secure it with a clip under the ponytail. This will increase the height of the hair and allow it to fall evenly around the back of the head. Use your curling iron to touch up any curls and pull a few strands down to hang loosely around the face.
Side view of Bai Ling's updo with curls Bai Ling - Updo with straight bangs and curls Bai Ling wearing her hair up Bai Ling - Simple look with a classic silk dress
Because this hairstyle is very feminine, you can keep the rest of your look simple in order to draw attention to your hair. As seen here, Bai Ling accentuates her hairstyle by going without jewelry and wearing a classic dress in a deep, rich color.
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