BooBoo Stewart Hairstyles

BooBoo Stewart
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BooBoo Stewart is an American singer, model and actor, born January 21st, 1994. With a nickname like this he can only win and he has indeed been extremely successful in his work, part of which was a role in the "Twilight" saga.
At one point Booboo went under the scissors to get a dapper, short haircut. Usually he is wearing much longer hair. With his face shape and structure he can get away with almost any look.
His strongly layered and textured long style that he styled to have a lot of pointy and wispy tips, was just as adorable as the more wavy variation of it or the punky short haircut with a fake Mohawk style.
His short hair reminds more of a classic men's hairstyle, but has more of an edge than the traditional ear-free haircuts. Booboo can quickly style it from a spiffy red carpet look to a fun and edgy party style and only needs a few drops of product to do it.
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