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Hair Just Covering the Ears

The 33rd Annual People's Choice Awards 01/09/2007
Celebrity Ashley Scott began her career as a model. Take a good look at the hairstyle she is wearing and look what it does to her face, her neckline, her smile and her eyes. Ashley is radiant to say the least and it all has to do with how she is wearing her hair.

This hairstyle is just covering her ears and moves around the back into the same length as you see the sides with a small amount of layering for flexibility. She keeps her hair a pale neutral blonde that brings out the healthy glow of her skin. The sides have a bounce that pleases the laughter in her eyes harmonizing her generous smile.
Such elegance blends well wearing a dark evening gown that stands completely fashionable above them all.
Does this sound like something you'd like to have for yourself? Your first step would be to get a good haircut from your favorite stylist and take this picture with you when you go. Have them explain how you can maintain this look at home. Once you become determined not to give up and practice, you will discover just how easy it really is.
The most important thing is your cut. Afterwards you can roll it all under with medium sized rollers or use hot rollers. Brush vigorously and fluff with your hands. This is one style you cannot compromise with.
When you see the shortness of this look, do not try to lengthen it out and expect to get the same results as it won't work. This cut is short. Get a haircut every six weeks for this youthful good look.
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