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Ashley James' Hair

Ashley James with highlighted blonde hair
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Here's a photo of Ashley James at the Marc Jacobs Fragrances "Tweet Shop" Launch Party at Covent Garden on the 14th of August, 2014. Ashley's platinum locks complement her very light eyes and complexion beautifully.
Ashley has a natural dark-blonde base which is very finely highlighted to a platinum, beach-blonde color on top of her head, with the lower length colored in a darker, medium blonde color to add dimension and movement to her hair. Ashley has a relatively-full mane of slightly wavy, fine textured hair. Blonde hair creates an illusion that a person has thicker hair than they actually have.
On her blog she wrote that she "wanted an outfit that was smart, practical, but could work day to night." She decided on boyfriend Matt Richardson's black Uniqlo turtleneck, her current favorite skirt and a pair of high-heels.
Ashley James - Fashion with a turtleneck Ashley James wearing a skirt and turtleneck Ashley James hair color with a dark-blonde base
Her relaxed approach to hair-styling complements her smart, practical look effortlessly. To imitate her hair at home, merely apply blow-dry lotion to wet hair, and air-dry it, applying a small amount of silicone-based smoothing cream to the ends once the hair is dry.
If your hair is more curly than Ashley's, apply straightening lotion, blow-dry the hair until 100% dry, apply a heat-protection product, and use a straightening iron, straightening only about half of the amount your hair, leaving the rest wavy.
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