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Short Hairstyle and Glasses

2006 Creative Coalition Gala - New York 12/18/2006
Bravo, for Ontario journalist Ashleigh Banfield. What a beautiful smile she has for us. Why wear contacts, when someone looks as great as this wearing those glasses.
Ashleigh Banfield - Hairstyle for a woman who wears glasses
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There are foils of duo blondes over her rich brown locks and a short haircut looking to be a semi-bi-level. I say semi because her top is parted in an off center and smoothed down with a minimum fluff flowing into the sides that look very full instead of tapered up. The back is longer in length with the different layers springing up.
Blow dry your hair and part in the off center fashion like Ashleigh's hair pictured. Smooth back the hair to meet your sides going over the ears. Use a medium sized curling iron to curl upward in the back.
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