Asher Book Hairstyles

Asher Book is an American dancer, singer and actor, born on September 18th, 1988. Asher is the lead singer in the boys band VFactory and had a role in "Fame".
Asher Book
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Asher has one of those memorable faces and wears his hair to bring all attention to his features. For a while he sported on the trendy haircuts with long textured and pointed strands pulled into his face, the better look for him is a short haircut with short sides and more length on the crown. Texturing in the tips helps with interesting styling options that range from fresh and sporty to edgy and even have a very chic and dapper version.
Asher has a light natural curl in his hair which gives it good volume and enough thickness to make the hair stand up on top of his head. In a fashionable way of course. His brown base color is smooth and matches his eyes, a couple of highlights, just a few tones lighter than the base color, increase the dimension and give him a sexy summer - sunshine appearance.
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