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Amy Adams' Strawberry Hair

What a glamorous look from our beloved Amy Adams. The actress looks pretty in pink and is crowned beautifully with a lovely wavy hairstyle. Her hair is long and falls several inches past the shoulders with medium to longer layers thrown in for shape.
It was blown-out smooth and frizz free to start and then curled on the ends for a fun contrast. Spritz on a shine spray and run your fingers through to break up the curls and create a wave. Amy parted her hair to the side for a more dramatic result.
Her signature strawberry colored locks are super healthy and really shine. The hair color compliments her fair skin tone and light green eyes. With such a bright color choice for her dress, she chose to stay simple and neutral with her makeup. We love her overall look for the 19th Annual Critics' Choice Awards (January 16th, 2014).
Amy Adams - Strawberry hair color and a fair skin Amy Adams - Long smooth hair with curled ends Amy Adams Amy Adams wearing a pink dress
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