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Amy Adams - Long hair with large curls
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Cameras popped at the 4th Annual Women in Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party as Amy Adams posed for the paparazzi. Her long hair was worn in large lush sexy curls and waves with one side styled over her shoulder.
There was the short centered part that revealed a good portion of her natural hair color and the small thin lines of gold and caramel. She wore a stunning gray/blue partly suede dress that had a deep v center. The color was just enough of a contrast to give her eyes the desirable smack to rock her world.
Amy builds up her eyes with good blended makeup as we all should do. She uses small minor penciled lines to form out her thick brows. In case you haven't noticed, thick eyebrows are so in vogue!
Amy Adams - Long hairstyle with curls
Amy encircles her eyes with navy blue eyeliner and her eye shadow is a light blue. Her lids are also thickly amassed with a black eyeliner, there are lashes with mascara. There is the slightest tinge of pink on her cheeks over her light foundation and a matt pink rose lip color.
Tip: Always remember, thick eyebrows will give you the appearance of a look that is softer and much younger. Have you noticed Jennifer Lopez lately? She is wearing thick eyebrows! She looks softer and so much younger. Therefore, if you are wearing thin eyebrows, think again.
Amy Adams look
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