Hair Back and Away from the Face

Amy Adams wearing her long hair back and away from the face
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Amy Adams gives off a stunning appearance at the Palms Springs International Film Festival Awards.
She wore her long hair completely back and away from her face. Amy probably has a natural curl in her hair, as when we look on the top and along the sides you can see the waves.
Her hair color is kept to be a light auburn with thin traces of blonde and brown. If Amy's eyebrows were tweezed just a little bit thinner she would resemble the late movie queen Grace Kelly who became Princess Grace of Monaco. All Amy would have to do is to wear her hair back in a chignon.
Side view of Amy Adams long hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
Her makeup is light and attractive with mascara and a minimum amount of eyeliner and a medium pink lip tone.
Her teal turquoise dress couldn't be a better color selection for her hair color and her eyes. Her platinum earrings completely pop into position and enhance her total look.
Amy Aams wearing her hair for a Grace Kelly look
Photo by PR Photos
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